Best practices for smart cities and utility companies in adopting LoRaWAN


Parallel sessions


01/31/2020 12:00pm

Lately, we observe more and more tenders and RFPs coming from government bodies. We see new LoRaWAN trials everyday, in many countries, from the US, to EU, Australia, Japan and Korea. Cities and utility companies have digital infrastructure high on the strategic agenda. The need for more efficient operations, the desire for a higher quality of life for citizens, changing legislation, and the emergence of open LPWAN protocols, create a perfect storm for LoRaWAN. But the road to achieving LoRaWAN’s promised business benefits is long and bumpy. 


Because cities and utilities require a bespoke approach. Think of security governance, multi-stakeholder alignment, focus on long term ROI, data governance, bureaucracy, legislation, etc. 


Objective: This session will cover both the supplier and buyer perspectives in relation to realising smart cities. Participants will learn from:

  1. smart cities/utilities about their experiences tendering for LoRaWAN infrastructure and solutions at scale. They provide a practical guide to help improve the quality of tender responses and align better with their interests
  2. Solution providers about their experience winning a tender, preparing for the roll-out and realising large scale deployments (e.g. smart street lighting). What best practices are you willing to share and what do you consider your secret sauce? 🙂