The IoT Enabler


The Things Stage


01/30/2020 12:20pm

The name IoT (Internet of Things) has been around us for a little more than 2 decades. The industry has been trying to develop the right match to meet the market expectation for many years without massive market acceptance. The reason can be attributed to the yet growing IoT eco-system. While the industry continues to consummate the IoT idea, what are the criteria that might contribute to a proliferation of IoT.

While there are several elements within the making of a better and faster accepted IoT network , the perspective from hardware is taken to review the possible contribution. From the review of past industry development, we understand that challenges of technology integration, platform integration, and prohibitive prices has been the main issues that prevented fast and massive acceptance.

With the growing maturity of IoT hardware development, and the understanding of the needs from the market, one specific company has created its services on the demand from the market. Its providing its customers the wealth of experiences in wireless technology integration, the capability of ensuring interoperability with different platform, the customization of hardware for specific scenario, and disruptive cost structure with design for manufacturing. The results were significant in some successful business cases reviewed setting itself as the IoT Enabler.