IoT & The Rise of the Solopreneur



The independent workforce is on the rise. With a growing list of accessible technologies, and global marketplaces facilitating connections between customers and providers, the modern workforce is shifting from traditional jobs to self-employed professionals seeking flexible, yet financially viable careers. Also known as “solopreneurs”, independents already make up 30% of the working-age population in Europe and the United States- around 162 million people.

Inspired by hundreds of successful “solopreneurship” use cases within Ubidots, we’ll follow a step-by-step guide on how to build an IoT business from scratch. We’ll start with basic unit economics of subscription-based businesses, and what it takes to reach break-even as a solopreneur. Then, we’ll get more technical by sending uplink messages from an IoT device, using The Things Industries and LoRaWAN, all the way to Ubidots. Finally, we’ll customize an end-customer experience that one could pitch to clients from day one.

Takeaways: In this session, we will explore how IoT technologies are giving superpowers to thousands of IoT Entrepreneurs around the world, resignifying IoT beyond hobbyist projects, and creating stable revenue streams by solving local problems with global tools.

Required Skills:

  • Basic knowledge of the LoRaWAN stack
  • Experience having sent uplink messages from LoRaWAN devices to TTN or TTI

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