Eclipse Ditto: Digital Twins as part of an open IoT platform



Beyond the buzzword and hype around the term “Digital Twin”, we at Bosch.IO and a growing open source community discovered “Digital Twinning” as useful pattern for simplifying IoT solution development.

Where major cloud providers or commercial IoT platforms built proprietary digital twin features into their platforms, Eclipse Ditto is today the leading open source framework with the focus on building digital twins, digital representations of physical devices.

In this workshop we will use Eclipse Ditto’s connectivity features connecting to the The Thing Network’s MQTT broker in order to create digital twins of devices connected to TTN.

Once that is achieved, we’ll look into some features of Eclipse Ditto and how it can help you for your IoT solutions:

* APIs
* Persistence
* Authorization
* Search/registry capabilities
* Change notifications
* Connectivity to foreign systems (e.g. via MQTT, AMQP, Apache Kafka, HTTP)
* Payload Normalization

Required SkillsKnowledge about HTTP APIs beneficial, but not required.

Takeaways: None required.  Optionally, you are welcome to create digital twins of your already connected TTN devices, in order to do that:

– please install Docker:
– please install Docker Compose:
– and setup Eclipse Ditto:

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