Guided tour through the LoRaWAN hardware development process



How does the development process for a LoRaWAN hardware work in detail? At this point we would like to give an insight into the steps and considerations necessary to develop a customer specific LoRaWAN device. What kind of steps are necessary to get the product approved and ready for reliable field use.

The perfect product can be developed by skillfully observing the following points: The selection of components must be adapted exactly to the application area of the device. In the case of battery-powered devices, the service life of the battery can be optimized by special functionalities. The assembly process can also be optimized by using a special plastic housing. So what are the necessary steps and also the risks that need to be taken into account for customer-specific hardware?

The small but powerful development crew of comtac, led in the sense of a start-up, with a 30 year experience background, is embedded in the Amalthea Group with over 300 employees and over 60 million
group sales. With the electronics producers and we have the possibility to offer you everything from one source from the development to the delivery of serial devices.
Through the cooperation of partners also outside Switzerland, we are able to realize manual manufacturing processes at optimal cost.

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