Why go for a custom specific hardware?


The Things Stage


01/31/2020 12:10pm

Why go for a custom specific hardware? There are many off-the-shelf products on the market, why should you think about a custom-made product? A tailor-made product creates a competitive edge and brings added value for your customers. In addition to the pure product costs, your customers also face costs for device configuration, rollout in the field and for operation. With a tailored solution, many of the mentioned costs and expenses can be reduced and as a result added value can be generated for your customers.

If there is an existing product on the market, which covers all your requirements, we congratulate you, then you are all fine! However, our experience shows that the added value of the holistic solution increases significantly with a individually designed product. In the case of battery-powered devices, the service life of the battery can be optimised through special modes of operation. The assembly process can also be optimised using your own plastic housing. In addition, you can increase customer loyalty by developing your own devices, as the end customer can purchase the products from you only. Many of our customers in the industrial and professional environment have the requirements that they can order devices in this version for more than 10 years. It is usually unclear how long a product can be purchased in the desired version.

So what are the necessary steps and also the risks which have to be considered with customer-specific hardware?
The small but powerful development crew of comtac, led in the sense of a start-up, with a 30 year experience background, is embedded in the Amalthea Group with over 300 employees and over 60 million group sales. With the electronics producers www.gesys.ch and www.elfab.ch we have the possibility to offer you everything from one source from the development to the delivery of serial devices.

Through the cooperation of partners also outside Switzerland, we are able to realize manual manufacturing processes at optimal cost.