Videos 2020

Relive the best moments from previous editions. Get a better idea of what we are doing and feel the atmosphere of our conference.

The Things Conference 2020


Start-up opportunities that are present for LoRaWAN startups – Adam Benzion (

Adam Benzion, CEO of, explains what kind of opportunities are present for LoRaWAN startups

The story of the inventors of LoRa (Nicolas Sornin, Olivier Seller, Francois Sforza)

The three inventors of LoRaWAN share the story of how the technology came to be

Announcing the new STM32 System on Chip – Benjamin Guilloud (STMicroelectronics)

Benjamin Guilloud announces the STM32, the worlds smallest system on chip and the implications it can have on LoRaWAN development

Unlocking the economies of scale for LoRaWAN deployments (Johan Stokking & Wienke Giezeman)

The initiators of The Things Network explain how to make your LoRaWAN deployments benefit from economies of scale

The Things Virtual Conference 2020


How to select the best battery for my LoRa node?

Isabelle Sourmey (SAFT Batteries) guides viewers through the best criteria for selecting batteries for LoRa nodes.

Gateway Demo: LoRa Basics Station

Krishna Iyer Easwaran and Anton Beitler take viewers through the basics of operating the LoRa Basics Station.

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