LoRaWAN® GPS Tracker 1

By ELV Elektronik AG

The ELV LoRaWAN® GPS Tracker 1 is the second GNSS-based product in the LoRaWAN® family. Unlike the ELV track from our modular system, the ELV-LW-GPS1 is an optimized design without module character. The GPS tracker uses a GNSS module for position determination, the corresponding data is sent via the LoRaWAN® network. An integrated accelerometer is used to use motion or standstill as a trigger for positioning. Furthermore, a contact interface is installed, which can also trigger a determination of the current position via an external trigger. The device can be supplied in a wide voltage range of 5 to 40 V. Thanks to its compactness, the wide input voltage range and the various modes for position determination, the tracker can be used in many applications.