This documentation page applies to the legacy Things Network Stack V2. Documentation for The Things Stack V3 is available here

Quick Start

This guide walks you through applying for Collos membership, subscribing to the APIs and configuring the Collos integration in The Things Network Console.

Subscribe to APIs

  1. Apply for a Collos membership
  2. When your membership has been approved, sign in to the Collos portal
  3. Go to Products
  4. Click Semtech LoRaWAN Localization
  5. Click Subscribe to subscribe to the APIs

Getting your subscription key

Once your subscription has been approved, you can find your Collos subscription key.

  1. Sign in to the Collos portal
  2. Click on your name in the top right
  3. Click Profile
  4. Click Show to show your Collos subscription keys


    You can use both Primary key and Secondary key for the Collos integration.

Configuring the integration

  1. Sign in to The Things Network Console
  2. Under Applications, go to your application
  3. Go to Integrations
  4. Click add integration
  5. Enter a Process ID, for example rssi or tdoa
  6. Select an Access Key. This key should have at least the devices rights to update the location in the device registry
  7. In URL, enter one of the Collos API endpoints:
    • LoRa TDOA + WiFi:
    • LoRa TDOA:
    • LoRa RSSI:
  8. Enter your Collos subscription key
  9. Enter the Cayenne channel. If provided, the integration will send the location of your devices to myDevices Cayenne as GPS on the specified channel
  10. Click Add integration


To compare results from the different algorithms, you can add multiple integration processes for the three algorithms available and use different Cayenne channels.

🎉 You have now successfully configured the Collos integration. You will now see your device moving in The Things Network Console as well as in myDevices Cayenne.

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