Device Firmware Setup

1.Download the latest bootloader here in order to avoid potential problems.

Note: Skip this section if you have a RAK5205 V3.0.0.0 firmware or newer, for it has already a bootloader.

2.To start with the bootloader burning, download and install the STM32CubeProgrammer tool here.

3.Then, configure your RAK5205 by jumping the “BOOT” pin and “VCC” pin for boot mode as the following pictures shown below:

Figure 1: RAK5205 Boot and VCC

Figure 2: RAK5205 Boot and VCC Jumpered

4.Connect your RAK5205 to your PC using the USB cable as follow:

Figure 3: RAK5205 To Computer

5.Choose the correct port number in the COM Port field. You can check this in the Device Manager. You can also check this document to learn on how to interface your RAK5205 with your computer properly.

Figure 4: Computer Device Manager

6.Open the “STM32CubeProgrammer” tool.

7.Select UART type; go to COM Port and look for your RAK5205 Breakout Board COM Port (ex. COM5).

8.Configure the Baud rate and Parity.

Figure 5: UART Settings in STM32CubeProgrammer

9.Then, press the “Connect” button at the top right corner.

Warning:If there are some errors in the Log box or it can’t connect, please close the STM32CubeProgrammer and reset RAK5205, then open the STM32CubeProgrammer and connect again.

  • The correct Log you should see is the information like the following picture shows:

Figure 6: Successful Connection Log to your Device

Now, let’s start burning the bootloader into the RAK5205 WisTrio LoRa® Tracker.

10.First, erase all data on the RAK5205 WisTrio LoRa® Tracker referred from the following picture below:

Figure 7: Erasing the Data in the Chip

11.Press “Open file” and select the bootloader file in the pop-up window as follows:

Figure 8: Opening the Bootloader File

12.Click the “Download” button to start the burning process.

Figure 9: Downloading of Bootloader to the Device

13.OK, you have successfully burned the firmware into RAK5205 WisTrio LoRa® Tracker! You should see the same notification as shown in the image below:

Figure 10: Successfully Burned the Bootloader to the device

14.”Disconnect” and close the “STM32CubeProgrammer” tool. Then, power down and remove the connection between BOOT pin and VCC pin to let RAK5205 WisTrio LoRa® Tracker work in normal mode.

Figure 11: Jumper Connection Removed

15.Then, connect RAK5205 with your PC’s USB interface again.

  • If you have opened the serial port tool, you can see some content like this:

Figure 11: Serial Burning Success Boot Mode

Alright! You can now start burning the firmware into RAK5205 WisTrio LoRa® Tracker.