Configure Wi-Fi

New models of Multitech Conduit now support Wi-Fi connectivity: ideal for environments where it is difficult to pass over an Ethernet cable.

Connect to the Multitech Conduit

Connect first to the Multitech Conduit - we’ll need to execute some commands on the gateway.

Configuring Wi-Fi connection

Once you’re connected to the Conduit, let’s configure it for your Wi-Fi network!

For this part, you’ll need to be able to use a command-line text editor. If you’ve never used any, we recommend using nano - an accessible, user-friendly text editor.

Configuring the Wi-Fi network

Once connected to the gateway, open the /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf file:

$ nano /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

We’ll add extra lines at the end of this file, depending on the network you want to add.

  • If the network you want to add is not protected by a password, add those lines:
        ssid="<ssid of the network>"
  • If the network is protected by a password, add those lines:
        ssid="<ssid of the network>"
        psk="<password of the network>"

If there already is a network={[...]} configuration, delete it before adding your own network.

Networks configuration file

Configuring the network interfaces

All you have to do left to enable Wi-Fi is to enable the Wi-Fi network interface. Open up the /etc/network/interfaces file, find the paragraph that begins with auto wifi0, and uncomment all the next lines.

Network interfaces

Reboot the gateway

Reboot your gateway, by typing this command: shutdown -r now.

When your gateway starts up, it should have connected to your Wi-Fi network! To verify this, execute the command ifconfig ; the system will show the available network interfaces. The wifi0 should have appeared, with an associated IP for the gateway.