This documentation page applies to the legacy Things Network Stack V2. Documentation for The Things Stack V3 is available here

List of gateways

This is a list of commercial LoRaWAN gateways currently available for purchase. If you notice one isn’t listed, add it to our documentation!

The Things Indoor Gateway

Open Source

Laird - RG1xx

  • Laird RG1xx Series: A cost effective 868 / 915MHz LoRa Gateway with dual band Wi-Fi, Ethernet and BT capabilities. Includes integrated presets for simple, one click configuration for The Things Network.

The Things Network Gateway

  • The Things Gateway: At a price of €300 and with its easy web-based setup, it is the best choice to help build The Things Network.
  • Kerlink IoT Station: The Kerlink IoT Station was one of the first commercially available gateways, running a Linux OS. Although the software is outdated and will required a trained engineer, it is a suitable industrial solution. Our documentation explains how to connect it to The Things Network.

  • Kerlink iBTS: The Kerlink iBTS is the successor of the IoT Station. Its hardware and software offer multi-antenna setups, giving more precise device data.


  • Multitech Conduit: The Multitech Conduit offers a very good price/quality compromise. It has recent software, with multiple programmation interface (SDK, Python environment…). It comes in multiple models: AEP, mLinux, cellular…

  • Multitech Conduit Access Point: The Access Point is the smaller sibling of the Multitech Conduit. It uses the same hardware components as the Conduit, but offers an SPI interface to the LoRa concentrator, whereas the Conduit interfaced through USB.


  • Lorrier LR2 is a fully outdoor device intended to establish a wide coverage network by telecommunications operators and local network by individuals or IoT connectivity service providers. Our documentation explains how to connect it to The Things Network.


  • LORIX One: The Lorix One is an affordable, Swiss-made LoRa gateway. Although we haven’t tested it yet, it seems to offer a performant operating system.


  • Lorank 8: The device is built upon the radio board of IMST and the open source hardware BeagleBone Black.


  • Aaeon UP: The AAEON AIOT-ILRA01 is a powerful gateway, running Debian on an AMD64 processor. It’s ideal to run a packet forwarder, and applications on the same machine.

Cisco LoRaWAN Gateway

  • The Cisco LoRaWAN Gateway is carrier-grade solution suitable for users who have experience with Cisco software, and that are looking for an industrial-grade LoRaWAN gateway. It supports 16 channels, as well as geolocation.


  • Outdoor Gateway

  • 64-channels Outdoor Gateway

  • Femto Indoor Gateway

Adaptative Modules


  • LL-BST-8