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LoRaWAN Address Space

LoRaWAN knows a number of identifiers for devices, applications and gateways.

  • DevEUI - 64 bit end-device identifier, EUI-64 (unique)
  • DevAddr - 32 bit device address (non-unique)
  • AppEUI - 64 bit application identifier, EUI-64 (unique)
  • GatewayEUI - 64 bit gateway identifier, EUI-64 (unique)


LoRaWAN devices have a 64 bit unique identifier (DevEUI) that is assigned to the device by the chip manufacturer. However, all communication is done with a dynamic 32 bit device address (DevAddr) of which 7 bits are fixed for The Things Network, leaving 25 bits that can be assigned to individual devices, a procedure called Activation.

Over-the-Air Activation (OTAA)

Over-the-Air Activation (OTAA) is the preferred and most secure way to connect with The Things Network. Devices perform a join-procedure with the network, during which a dynamic DevAddr is assigned and security keys are negotiated with the device.

Activation by Personalization (ABP)

In some cases you might need to hardcode the DevAddr as well as the security keys in the device. This means activating a device by personalization (ABP). This strategy might seem simpler, because you skip the join procedure, but it has some downsides related to security.

Device Address Assignment

The Things Network Foundation has received a 7-bit device address prefix from the LoRa Alliance. This means that all TTN device addresses will start with 0x26 or 0x27 (although addresses that start with these might also belong to other networks with the same prefix). Within TTN, we assign device address prefixes to “regions” (for example, device addresses in the eu region start with 0x2601). Within a region, the NetworkServer is responsible for assigning device addresses. We are using prefixes here too for different device classes (for example, ABP devices in the eu region start with 0x26011) or to shard devices over different servers.

The NetworkServer assigns device addresses to devices (based on configuration). For ABP devices you have to request an address from the NetworkServer (the console or ttnctl will do this for you). For OTAA devices, the NetworkServer will assign an address when the device joins.

It’s good to keep in mind that device addresses are not unique. We can (and probably will) give hundreds of devices the same address. Finding the actual device that belongs to that address is done by matching the cryptographic signature (MIC) of the message to a device in the database.

Prefix assignments

Prefixes Region: Name (NetID)

0x00/0x01 Local: Experimental nodes (0x00)
0x02/0x03 Local: Experimental nodes (0x01)
0x04/0x05 World: Actility (0x02)
0x06/0x07 Europe: Proximus (0x03)
0x08/0x09 Europe: Swisscom (0x04)
0x0a/0x0b Singapore, indonesia , Australia, Africa , India: SingTel (0x05)
0x0c/0x0d Europe: La Poste (0x06)
0x0e/0x0f Europe: Bouygues Telecom (0x07)
0x10/0x11 World: Orbiwise (0x08)
0x12/0x13 U.S: SENET (0x09)
0x14/0x15 Europe: KPN (0x0a)
0x16/0x17 Russia: EveryNet (0x0b)
0x18/0x19 Africa: FastNet (0x0c)
0x1a/0x1b World: SK Telecom (0x0d)
0x1c/0x1d World: SagemCom (0x0e)
0x1e/0x1f Europe: Orange France (0x0f)
0x20/0x21 Italy: A2A Smart City (0x10)
0x22/0x23 India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Maldives Islands: TATA Communication (0x11)
0x24/0x25 World: Kerlink (0x12)
0x26/0x27 World: The Things Network (0x13)
0x28/0x29 Germany, Switzerland, China: DIGIMONDO GmbH (0x14)
0x2a/0x2b World: Cisco Systems (0x15)
0x2c/0x2d China: Computer Network Information Center & Chinese of Sciences Guangzhou Sub-center (CNIC) (0x16)
0x2e/0x2f World: MultiTech Systems (0x17)
0x30/0x31 World: Loriot (0x18)
0x32/0x33 World: NNNCo (0x19)
0x34/0x35 World: Flashnet (0x1a)
0x36/0x37 World: TrackNet (0x1b)
0x38/0x39 World: Lar.Tech (0x1c)
0x3a/0x3b World: Swiss Led (0x1d)
0x3c/0x3d CIS, Europe: Net868 (0x1e)
0x3e/0x3f Italy: Axatel (0x1f)
0x40/0x41 Germany: Telent (Netzikon) (0x20)
0x42/0x43 World: Patavina Technologies (0x21)
0x44/0x45 North America: Comcast (0x22)
0x46/0x47 Australia, New Zealand: Ventia (0x23)
0x48/0x49 World: Gimasi (0x24)
0x4a/0x4b World: Talkpool (0x25)
0x4c/0x4d Italy: Telemar (0x26)
0x4e/0x4f World: MCF88 SRL (0x27)
0x50/0x51 Malaysia: VADSLYFE (0x28)
0x52/0x53 World: GIoT (0x29)
0x54/0x55 World: M2B Communications (0x2a)
0x56/0x57 China: ZTE (0x2b)
0x58/0x59 Australia: Airlora (0x2c)
0x5a/0x5b World: Rai Way (0x2d)
0x5c/0x5d World: Levikom (0x2e)
0x5e/0x5f South Africa: Comsol Networks (0x2f)
0x60/0x61 World: SoftBank (0x30)
0x62/0x63 World: Inmarsat (0x31)
0x64/0x65 World: Gemalto (0x32)
0x66/0x67 China: Alibaba Iot BU (0x33)
0x68/0x69 Russian Federation: ER-Telecom Holding (0x34)
0x6a/0x6b China: Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited (0x35)
0xe000/0xe001 RESERVED (0x600000)
0xe002/0xe003 Finland: Digita (0x600001)
0xe004/0xe005 Swden, Norway: Blink (0x600002)
0xe006/0xe007 World: IOTCAN (0x600003)
0xe008/0xe009 North and South America: eleven-x (0x600004)
0xe00a/0xe00b World: IoT Network AS (0x600005)
0xe00c/0xe00d Asia, Middle East: Senra Tech (0x600006)
0xe00e/0xe00f World: EDF (0x600007)
0xe010/0xe011 Italy: Unidata (0x600008)
0xe012/0xe013 Scandinavia: SEAS-NVE (0x600009)
0xe014/0xe015 Scandinavia: Öresundskraft (0x60000a)
0xe016/0xe017 Romania: Ad Net Market Media (0x60000b)
0xe018/0xe019 World: SenSys (0x60000c)
0xe01a/0xe01b Thailand: CAT Telecom (0x60000d)
0xe01c/0xe01d World: Spark (0x60000e)
0xe01e/0xe01f China: ThingPark China (0x60000f)
0xe020/0xe021 World: Senet (0x600010)
0xe022/0xe023 Japan: SenseWay (0x600011)
0xe024/0xe025 Philippines: Packetworx (0x600012)
0xe026/0xe027 World: Actility (0x600013)
0xe028/0xe029 China: Alibaba IoT BU (0x600014)
0xe02a/0xe02b World: Kerlink (0x600015)
0xe02c/0xe02d World: Cisco (0x600016)
0xe02e/0xe02f World: Schneider Electric (0x600017)
0xe030/0xe031 World: ZENNER (0x600018)
0xe032/0xe033 Europe: Boston Networks Limited (0x600019)
0xe034/0xe035 Japan: NEC Corporation (0x60001a)
0xe036/0xe037 China: Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited (0x60001b)
0xe038/0xe039 World: MachineQ/Comcast (0x60001c)
0xe03a/0xe03b Japan: NTT (Nippon Telephone and Telegraph) (0x60001d)
0xfc0000/0xfc0001/0xfc0002/0xfc0003 RESERVED (0xc00000)
0xfc0004/0xfc0005/0xfc0006/0xfc0007 World: Nordic Automation Systems (0xc00001)
0xfc0008/0xfc0009/0xfc000a/0xfc000b World: ResIOT (0xc00002)
0xfc000c/0xfc000d/0xfc000e/0xfc000f World: SYSDEV (0xc00003)
0xfc0010/0xfc0011/0xfc0012/0xfc0013 China, Canada: Appropolis (0xc00004)
0xfc0014/0xfc0015/0xfc0016/0xfc0017 Japan: Macnica (0xc00005)
0xfc0018/0xfc0019/0xfc001a/0xfc001b Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark: IP-Only (0xc00006)
0xfc001c/0xfc001d/0xfc001e/0xfc001f Russian Federation: Thingenix LLC (0xc00007)
0xfc0020/0xfc0021/0xfc0022/0xfc0023 World: Definium Technologies (0xc00008)
0xfc0024/0xfc0025/0xfc0026/0xfc0027 Germany (only Darmstadt Region): ENTEGA AG (0xc00009)
0xfc0028/0xfc0029/0xfc002a/0xfc002b Japan: SenseWay (0xc0000a)
0xfc002c/0xfc002d/0xfc002e/0xfc002f Tunisia: 3S (0xc0000b)
0xfc0030/0xfc0031/0xfc0032/0xfc0033 World: nFore Technology (0xc0000c)
0xfc0034/0xfc0035/0xfc0036/0xfc0037 Philippines: Packetworx (0xc0000d)
0xfc0038/0xfc0039/0xfc003a/0xfc003b Sultanate of Oman: Omani Qatari Telecommunications (Ooredoo) (0xc0000e)
0xfc003c/0xfc003d/0xfc003e/0xfc003f Hungary: Antenna Hungaria Co (0xc0000f)
0xfc0040/0xfc0041/0xfc0042/0xfc0043 Europe: Trinity College Dublin (0xc00010)
0xfc0044/0xfc0045/0xfc0046/0xfc0047 World: Digital Nordix AB (DNX) (0xc00011)
0xfc0048/0xfc0049/0xfc004a/0xfc004b Sweden, Norway: Blink Services (0xc00012)
0xfc004c/0xfc004d/0xfc004e/0xfc004f Norway: Lyse AS (0xc00013)
0xfc0050/0xfc0051/0xfc0052/0xfc0053 Vietnam: VTC Digicom (0xc00014)
0xfc0054/0xfc0055/0xfc0056/0xfc0057 Saudi Arabia: Machines Talk (0xc00015)
0xfc0058/0xfc0059/0xfc005a/0xfc005b World: Schneider Electric (0xc00016)
0xfc005c/0xfc005d/0xfc005e/0xfc005f UK: Connexin (0xc00017)
0xfc0060/0xfc0061/0xfc0062/0xfc0063 World: ZENNER (0xc00018)
0xfc0064/0xfc0065/0xfc0066/0xfc0067 Serbia: Telekom Srbija (0xc00019)
0xfc0068/0xfc0069/0xfc006a/0xfc006b World: REQUEA (0xc0001a)
0xfc006c/0xfc006d/0xfc006e/0xfc006f Austria: Sensor Network Services (0xc0001b)
0xfc0070/0xfc0071/0xfc0072/0xfc0073 Europe: Getraline (0xc0001c)
0xfc0074/0xfc0075/0xfc0076/0xfc0077 Europe: Boston Networks Limited (0xc0001d)
0xfc0078/0xfc0079/0xfc007a/0xfc007b Italy: Telemar (0xc0001e)
0xfc007c/0xfc007d/0xfc007e/0xfc007f World: mcf88 SRL (0xc0001f)
0xfc0080/0xfc0081/0xfc0082/0xfc0083 Japan: NEC Corporation (0xc00020)
0xfc0084/0xfc0085/0xfc0086/0xfc0087 World: Hiber (0xc00021)
0xfc0088/0xfc0089/0xfc008a/0xfc008b North America: Milandr, Inc. (0xc00022)
0xfc008c/0xfc008d/0xfc008e/0xfc008f Japan: Green House Co., Ltd. (0xc00023)
0xfc0090/0xfc0091/0xfc0092/0xfc0093 Japan: NTT (Nippon Telephone and Telegraph) (0xc00024)
0xfc0094/0xfc0095/0xfc0096/0xfc0097 India: International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS) (0xc00025)
0xfc0098/0xfc0099/0xfc009a/0xfc009b World: Mirakonta (0xc00026)


Applications in LoRaWAN and The Things Network have a 64 bit unique identifier (AppEUI). When you create an application, The Things Network’s account server allocates an AppEUI from the address block of The Things Network Foundation. This means that every application has at least an AppEUI that starts with 70B3D57ED. If you have your own AppEUIs, you can also add those to your application.


Gateways are manufactured with an embedded EUI, which can then be used to register the gateway on The Things Network. Although the configuration files of some gateways suggest that you can just choose an EUI for the gateway, this is not true. If your gateway did not come with an embedded EUI, you can use another EUI that you own, or configure an AppEUI that is registered to your account. You may also use an MQTT-based forwarder, which only needs a GatewayID (that you can choose yourself) instead of a GatewayEUI.