3 Gateways down all arounf same time 16 Aug 2019 on Asia-se

Hi, I have 3 different Gateways:

AS920-923 band, Asia-se

  • Laird RG191 ( [lairdrg191c0ee40ffff293f78)
  • Core uGateway (eui-b827ebfffe5d8d64)
  • MultiTech (eui-00800000a0003870)

2 gateways are on one network, the other is on another network entirely As all 3 went offline in a short space of time, I am suspecting this is an account issue rather than gateway issue.

All 3 went offline roughly around the 16 Aug 2019 (AEST) and have not recovered.

  • No data showing in the traffic window.
  • login logout of account or add remove gateway down not help

Any ideas as to how to resolve this? or how to investigate further?

All 3 have been working for months, without issue

I see that two off your gateways have the same Eui.

So it the two first or at the same network it could be a out off service off Internet.
The last one got the same Eui as the first so this will all so show not online anymore.

futher we can’t see mutch from a distance



Cut and paste issue - Edited post All 3 have unique EUI’s

Update : Laird came back online after power cycling

Odd: On reset of the Laird RG191 last week it was running fine for about 4 days then went offline again. Looking at LEDS:

  • POWER on solid
  • Wifi Flashing
  • Lora On Solid - but no traffic on ttn gateway traffic web page!!!

All I did was plug in an ethernet cable to my PC and nothing else, then traffic started coming thru

An hour later it stops again

Anyone else experience this?