60k/6k in time for TTC?!

(Jeff Uk) #1

Looks like we are close to hitting 60k Dev’s/Members & 6k GW’s in time for The Things Conf - should put a smile of the faces of so folk - @wienkegiezeman @johan @laurens @Rish1 @htdvisser et al! :slight_smile:

Was difficult to track progress/status over weekend & last few days with back end/reporting issues wrt GW’s but looks clear now…


…doing my bit to get there…#23 went live last night, #024 just in process of registration - rebooting! (both additional self builds) and a new factory built GW on way from disty that I hope to get online as my #25 around time of TTC :smile: :tada::fireworks::+1:


guess some server was rebooted today , after that I witnessed a jump of more then 100 :thinking:

and Jeff… if you register gw 10.000 then you get a bonus cake… delivered by Wienke personally :sunglasses:

(Jeff Uk) #3

10k - for me or 10k for TTN? decorated with gold leaf I hope… :wink:


This would be so awesome! Let’s see if we can reach the 6K!

(Jeff Uk) #5

I just looked back at old posts and we hit 50k/5k back last Oct - adding 1k/qtr since, same as June posting when 40k/4k - again we then again added 1k/qtr…

…interesting that my 1st post on this was Feb 18 when we hit 33k/3k :slight_smile: so heading towards doubling over 1 year! :smile:


And we are going to do something crazy during the event which might be helping a bit as well :slight_smile:

(Jeff Uk) #7

Good luck!..wish I could be there to see it! :frowning: Will be watching the streams instead :wink:

(Sebastianb) #8

all lights green here! :slight_smile:

(Jeff Uk) #9

We just missed the 6K GW as I suspect many travelling to the TTC turned off their GW’s - or even took them with them…we actually fell back for a few days.

Fortunately many folk now back home and turning GW’s back on and adding their giveaway $69 GW’s :slight_smile:

Slowly watched the #'s recover over last few days so when I saw this earlier this afternoon:

I quickly did this:

as was planning a new GW deployment up in the N.West UK Friday/Saturday

& Yeah! >6k just seen for the 1st time :tada:and I will claim #6000 :slight_smile: :wink:

@Borroz…when do I get my cake! :wink:

:thinking: - 25 TTN GW’s - I desperately need a mini-NOC solution vs lots of open tabs on iPad/PCs! …subject of a new forum thread to come me thinks…


LOL… no Jeff… that’s at 10k :grin:

(Jeff Uk) #11

:frowning: :cry: …ok will settle for a $69 GW to hack instead! :wink: Tee Hee…



(Duncoman) #13

How is the gateway figure calculated?

I’ve written a quick and dirty parser of the JSON from http://noc.thethingsnetwork.org:8085/api/v2/gateways"
If I only count the number of gateways which have been online within the past hour I get ~5575, within the past 24hours ~5981 and within the past 48hours: ~6219

I guess I’ve just answered my own question?! The figure is a total of all active gateways within the past 24hours?

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