$69 Gemtek Gateway: The Things Indoor Gateway

(Smart Booking) #147

Our gateway is up and running (EU Version) but it is only receiving data on three channel! 868.1, 868.3 and 868.5 :frowning:

(Afremont) #148

The US version log claimed to be setting output power to 30dBm. I wonder if it can really put out 1W or if that’s just wishful thinking on the part of the software. If it can, and it turns out to be reliable, I would prefer to modify one of these for outdoor use and keep my expensive rak831 warm and dry.


sma connector ?

(Jeff Uk) #150

Others suggest ant connection on board is ipx/ufl so a pigtail to SMA/N-type in IP65 housing? :wink: potential for outdoor unit with <$100 bom sounds very tasty…that was my thinking when talking of buying half dozen straight off :slight_smile: though a little wary now given some of the forum posts wrt set up or reliability issues…TTN Kickstarter GW all over again?!:wink: :open_mouth: so may wait to see all settled 1st…

Checked stock & have 6x CATV housings in storage just waiting to come out & play…

(Arjan) #151

…but earlier you wrote the following; wouldn’t that make it unsuitable for outdoor use? (At least in Europe.)

(Jeff Uk) #152

Potentially yes but then depends on thermal management of the unit…issue is more at higher temps, a low temp sensor driving a simple heater (relay switching high wattage resistor over supply line?!) or using self heating if well insulated takes care of lower temp excursions so careful placement e.g. out of direct sunlight etc. likely mitigating the issue… outdoor in water proof housing can mean shorter feeder cables and easier placement (no drilling walls etc!) :wink:

At this price (~1/10th pre-built outdoor unit cost) if only 2 or 3 prove worthy out of 6 then still up on the deal…and outdoor failures still good for indoor deployment of course!

(Jeff Uk) #153

Re Availablility I wonder if really in market next week or 2 as some suggest or if will be delayed until after Chinese New Year?! :thinking:

(Afremont) #154

Just thinking of POE and a weather proof enclosure. I’m not too proud to use a ufl to SMA/N adapter. :wink: I can already see that I’m going to have to buy one of those inexpensive network/SWR analyzer tools so that I can make my own collinear antennas.

(Arjan) #155

That might also explain the following?

Maybe TTN always selects the TIG to transmit the Join Accept (which then somehow is not transmitted, or not received by the node), until the node happens to hop to a channel that is not received by the TIG? TTN Console should reveal that in the application/device’s Data page and the gateway’s Traffic page.

(Verkehrsrot) #156

Are you sure that your nodes send on more than 3 channels? :wink:

(Verkehrsrot) #157

I can confirm that for my gateway.


They are already in Europe. Compliancy checks are now on the critical path

(Verkehrsrot) #159

I checked it against my parallel running MatchX gateway:
indeed the EU-TIG seems to receive only 3 channesl 868.1, 868.3 and 868.5, while i see the MatchX receiving data on other channels from same set of nodes.

This explains why i see such a huge packet loss on the TIG :frowning:

Seems the channel plan inside the gateway is unsuitable for TTN?

(Arjan) #160

Luckily, I’m quite sure the configuration is fetched from the remote CUPS (and if not, then the firmware is checked daily, as noted in “The LNS connection breaks down every 24 hours and comes back afterwards. Is this normal?above).

(But then: it should obviously be able to transmit a Join Accept, even if only listening to those 3 channels…)

(Jac Kersing) #161

LBT is part of the newer hardware (recent SX1301 and SX1308) by default.

(bluesensing) #162

It has been told to be a 8 channel gateway!

(Dmth) #163

@Verkehrsrot, thanks for having a look.

Maybe its obvious, but if the three numbers of @humaxnerd’s US-gateway are 915 one can distinct the US from the EU version by the number (21) on the sticker.

(Humaxnerd) #164

Yes it’s 915. So you can see it on housing.

(Mo At Lucy) #165

wifi Password is on the sticker as WiFi PW:

(Cnoork) #166

Hi arjanvanb,

Thanks for your reply and options. The selection through which gateway the down message will go is standard with the gateway with the best rssi. In this case all other gateways has a rssi from around -100db and the TIG -43db, so it is a logical selection to use the TIG. I have also double checked the selected region and that one is also correct and is already running successful for other gateways.

With kind regards,