Aarhus, Denmark

(Claus Hansen) #1

Ready to startup in Aarhus. Anyone ?

Copenhagen, Denmark
(Ton Zijlstra) #2

Hi Claus, maybe you can try contacting Mirko Presser at the Alexandra Institute in Aarhus. Assuming you don't know him already, but he and colleagues are very much into IoT. See http://alexandra.dk/uk/about_us/people/mirko-presser

(Claus Hansen) #3

Hi Ton,
I dont know Mirko but I have other contacts around the Alexandra Institute and will reach out to him.

(Ton Zijlstra) #4

I mailed Mirko he might get a message from you...


I might be up for it :smile:

(Jacob Andersen) #6

The Alexandra Institute has begun testing LoRa, and has a gateway hooked up to TTN at this moment. We plan on outdoor deployment (on our roof at the Katrinebjerg campus) soon, but for the moment, it is sitting on a desk indoor, and hence coverage may be limited.
We do not make any guarantees w.r.t. uptime and service, but you are welcome to contact us here – or contact me directly, if you are interested in learning more about our plans or setup.

(Jacob Andersen) #7

I forgot to announce that on November 30th (2016), the gateway was installed on its final outdoor location. Initial studies indicate good coverage in the Northern and Central parts of Aarhus. As far as I can tell, TTN offers no way of reporting problems from users to gateway managers at this point, but if you are using our gateway and encounters problems - or have any questions, please contact me.

(Owen Brotherwood) #8

Hej from https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/community/silkeborg/

https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/country/denmark/ is starting


(Owen Brotherwood) #9

Will Århus try and do something for http://internetweekdenmark.com/ ?

(Lassevestergaard) #10

Hi all.

I am from the Alexandra Institute as well. I have been working with Mirko Presser for quite a few years, and am involved in different initiatives around LoRa (and a little on TTN). The Alexandra Institute has deployed two LoRa gateways until now (I have two more at my office, that are just waiting to be deployed :slight_smile:

I have discussed both with jacand (my colleague), and Kim Søvsø, who has replied earlier in this thread. Furthermore, I/we have quite good connections to the department, within Aarhus municipality, that is going to fully equip the city with LoRa (17 Kerlink gateways).

I can take the initial lead, and let's see what will happen. Should we have a physical meeting to make things going or do you prefer to be virtual? The Alexandra Institute would be happy to host the meeting depending on how many are interested.

I will join the slack channel, and we are doing something at the internetweek: http://internetweekdenmark.com/events/nyt-iot-netvaerk-i-aarhus + http://internetweekdenmark.com/events/hackathon-co-creating-the-smart-city.

At the latter event LoRa is more like an add-on, but it's a pre event for being able to apply for money to e.g. play around with LoRa in Aarhus.

(Lassevestergaard) #11

Hi Owen Brotherwood

Who should I contact in order to be invited for slack channel?

(Owen Brotherwood) #12

just send me your email: that is one method, I don't know of others

(Owen Brotherwood) #13

@lassevestergaard you use the link "here" https://account.thethingsnetwork.org/
There should be a "request slack invite" button

(Claus Hansen) #14

Suggest we meet and discuss what we want to do. Can perfectly meet you at The Alexandra Institute.


Hi guys,

Just FYI, @claushansendk, @lassevestergaard and I will meet today for a short discussion on how to speed up the Aarhus community activities :slight_smile:

If you are interested in being part of the process going forward, please reach out.

  • Kim