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Getting started with a Raspberry Pi Gateway

I am just getting started with building my own Raspberry Pi Gateway. I have some questions - probably because I am so new.

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and a RAKWireless RAK831

Instructions I am following
I have been following these instructions for getting things setup.
For Registering the gateway on TTN I have been using these instructions.

My Questions

  1. When I register a new gateway, it asks which protocol I want to use. After I select it and complete the other information and register it, I cannot find out which protocol I selected. Once you have registered a gateway, how do you find out which protocol it was configured for. I don’t see that in the Settings.
  2. I have packet forwarder running on the Pi. I am not sure which it is. It is the basic packet forwarder. But the instructions say:
    Make sure your gateway runs The Things Network Packet Forwarderbefore you continue. Then configure it with the ID and Key from the registration on the console.
    But this has the following in the Readme.md
    The development of this packet forwarder has been put on hold. We’re currently working on new tools to make gateways easier to manage, that we will make public when ready. In the meanwhile, we recommend to use other packet forwarders (Semtech packet forwarder, MP packet forwarder).
    So I am confused. I don’t know how to configure the packet forwarder with the ID and the Key. I don’t know which protocol to use for my gateway. I don’t know which packet forwarder I should use.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.