ABP send works, OTAA with previously assigned session vars doesn't


I am working with an Application configured on the V2 console (https://console.thethingsnetwork.org/applications).

I successfully ran OTAA and got assigned session vars. When I try using those vars (devaddr, appskey, nwkskey) as I would with ABP session vars (LMIC_setSession()), the exact code says it sent but no packet is received on the server.

(Also, I have been unable to use ttlctl uplink to send to that device.)

I made sure the frame counter was higher than seen in both scenarios.

  • Is there something about an OTAA registered device that means it needs to be treated differently even after the session vars are assigned?

Thanks for any insight or debugging tips.

  • Frank


Related issue: I'm using the latest ttnctl and trying an uplink:

ttnctl uplink 26012B32 CD678D4F90AE3F1664551E5A59682CE6 E7D00EB6B78DAC4297A418D3FC8FA24B 400 AABBCC

The session vars are for a device that looks active in the V2 console, but I don't see a message.
- I reset the frame counter
- I loosened frame counter restrictions

Should this be working still? (@htdvisser I recall you mentioned that uplink feature would be removed at some point.)

Also, this device was registered OTAA. Could that make a difference?

- Frank