Adding nodes to application by manually enter deviceadress

(Denis) #1

Hello everyone,

I need help by the support of TTN.
With the new staging version the possibility
to enter the device address manually in
register a node by ABP was removed.

And at this point i have a problem with the
device registration.

I've bought a preconfigured device with the
activation method ABP. I don't have the opportunity
to change the device adress on my device.

So my question to the support is, if they can
add my devices after i gave them the device information.
Maybe they can add the devices not by the staging area.

Can someone from the support help me?

Thanking you in anticipation,

Messages received in TTN Console's gateway traffic but no longer in application
(Hylke Visser) #2

Hi @denis,

It is not possible to register devices with a factory-hardcoded Device Address. As we are now registered as an official "operator" with the LoRa Alliance, we have to be compliant with the regulations, and only route data for Device Addresses within the range the LoRa Alliance allocated to us (addresses starting with 26 or 27).

You could try to use ttnctl to "force"-set the device address after you register the device, but as this is not compliant, it's not supported. However, I strongly recommend you to contact the company that sold you the devices and ask them how you can change the device address and security keys.

(Denis) #3

@htdvisser tank you very much.

That means if i configure a new device, the deviceadress has to start with 26 or 27?
Is there a document with the new regulations, after the you have become a official
"operator" with the LoRa Alliance? Are the more restrictions you have to consider as
a developer?
If I would buy a node from TTN, are they preconfigured with the new adressrange or
do i have to take care of it?

Sorry for questioning that much.

(Hylke Visser) #4

There are no new documents, it's all about following the LoRaWAN specification. If you buy any LoRaWAN compliant device, you should either be able to set the addresses yourself, or it should use over-the-air activation (OTAA). Device Addresses indicate the network operator the device belongs to, so if you bought a device with a fixed address, it is also fixed to that operator. You can find the list here:

There are a couple of "red flags" for non-compliant, incompatible, unsafe or "crappy" devices, which basically boils down to:

If anything other than the DevEUI is fixed, it's probably bad (fixed meaning that you as a developer can't change it)

  • Fixed Device Address (DevAddr) - this means your device is locked to a specific operator
  • Fixed Security Keys (NwkSKey, AppSKey, AppKey) - this is obviously insecure
  • Fixed Single Channel/Frequency - that's really bad for the network, don't use only one frequency unless you really know what you're doing
  • Fixed SF12 data rate - that's really bad for the network and energy consumption of your device. The LoRa Alliance requires network operators to block devices that are fixed to SF12

When shopping, try to find devices that are LoraWAN Certified. Always prefer devices that allow you to change the address and security keys.