Alternative LoRaWAN network-server:


Please note that TTN and LoRa Server are two separate projects. My project (LoRa Server) is aiming at providing a complete open-source solution for setting up your own private LoRaWAN infrastructure.

(Hsan Bouazizi) #83

If I will follow your project. Then I am obliged to install lora-Semtech-bridge in first step then loraserver. Is this the way to go?


You could also install the poly packet-forwarder so that you can use TTN and LoRa Server :slight_smile: But yes, you need either the poly packet-forwarder or the packet-forwarder by Semtech.

(Hsan Bouazizi) #85

thank you.

I have already searched and followed all that is indicated in the things network but my problem is that the gateway is not connected to server.
I hope your server will solve my problem.

About communication Gateway server what parameters to use. Hopefully they are more precious than TTN, they are simply using a Gateway_Id. I apologize that the problem is due to lack of the parameter.
I am really blocked because I also used Loriot, but in this case the Gateway is connected but no data to receive

(Hsan Bouazizi) #86

I try to follow this tutorial:
I was stuck at this stage:
Sudo apt-get install loraserver
... unable to locate package loraserver


Then you missed the first step :wink: "LoRa Server Debian repository"

(Hsan Bouazizi) #89

when I tryed this command:

journalctl -u loraserver -f -n 50

أبر 18 19:20:09 hsan-virtual-machine loraserver[3354]: time="2017-04-18T19:20:09+01:00" level=error msg="ping database error, will retry in 2s: pq: password authentication failed for user "loraserver""

After installing lora server , should i install lora-gateway-bridge?
I have kerlink wirnet station 868.
wich server adress and server port and gateway id that I should put in Global_conf.jz of the packet forwarder?

I have /opt/toolchains/arm-2011.03-wirgrid. can I use this Toolchain?
Thank you

(Hasiflo) #90


is there already an implementation to connect a raspberry-gateway with the 'LowCostLoRaGw' software (on raspberry pi) from CongducPham to the lora-server from brocaar?

I want to set up this gateway to send LoRa Messages to the server, but I have no idea in which file the settings from the server has to be written.
Perhaps anybody has done this before please let me know.


I've never used the LowCostLoRaGw software, but when it is using the packet-forwarder software or software which is compatible with that protocol, this should just work :slight_smile: Basically what you need to do is configure your gateway so that it sends data to the LoRa Gateway Bridge. Scripts to automate the LoRa Server installation can be found here: Else refer to

(Roland) #92

Hi all,
Try to get this Lora Application Server installed.
Of corse I don't get it done.
I have no Gateway near my location so I try the KPN Lora network there is a application server needed.
I'm still waiting for the TTH Gateway.
I'm more a Windows man but I have installed Ubuntu on a Virtualbox.
I have download and used this Link
Al is working until I have the command sudo apt-get install lora-app-server
Messgae E: Unable to locate package lora-app-server
If somebody can help me out here can be nice.



I suggest you to join and post your question there. By the way, have you done all the steps that are described in I mean the first steps where you instruct your linux distribution to use to download the application?

(suhamera) #94


I'm working on my own lorawan backend on JS and using these libraries anybody can run and lorawan the server. Libraries provide the opportunity to work with 2 classes - work with the network and work with network packages.

I tried to make the libraries extremely light and maximally independent from third-party libraries, so that they could be run anywhere - from linux-based devices to the clouds.

Here the github:

I plan to continue working on libraries and make them more stable, and also add different cases - mostly about integrating lora with third-party services(Including enterprise solutions). But for debugging libraries I need help - debugging on different data packages, debugging different operating modes, etc. If someone is interested in participating - welcome aboard.

(Interravikram) #95

Hi @brocaar , i just stumbled upon your project and it seems really good and promising. Can you please tell me what would be the difference of that project comparing to this one which seems to me quite similair and it is also actively developed.
I would like to setup my private lorawan network-server but still not sure in which direction should i really go.



I think the biggest difference is that in case of the LoRa Server project, the network-server and application-server are split in different components. This might add more complexity when setting everything up, but also gives more freedom as the network-server part does not have the knowledge about the encryption key to decrypt payload data. It also allows you to swap out components, e.g. provide your own UI and / or node inventory management.

With LoRaWAN 1.1 and the introduction of the join-server, this could also mean that you have one network-server (LoRa Server) and multiple LoRa App Server components running, each App Server responsible for a subset of nodes.

The LoRa Server project was granted financial support from the SIDN Fonds, so I'm able to continue working full-time on the project. Stay tuned for new features :slight_smile:


Great news, congratulations for the support!

(Ruben Gr) #98

Hi brocaar,

I get this error when trying to install lora server on raspberry pi:

ttn@raspberrypi:~/loraserver-pi-gen $ ls depends export-image scripts stage1 stage3 Dockerfile export-noobs stage0 stage2
ttn@raspberrypi:~/loraserver-pi-gen $ ./
sudo: docker: command not found
error connecting to docker:
sudo: docker: command not found

Can you help me?

#99 might be a better place for LoRa Server support questions :slight_smile:

That being said, I think you need to install Docker :wink: Also, I'm not sure if you'll be able to build the image on a Raspberry Pi using the Docker image (I never tried it). If it works, I think it is still way faster to do it on your desktop.

(Harish) #100

Hi Brocaar !

We have installed the Lora network server and application server in a native PC.
We are yet to procure a Lorawan Gateway.
We also downloaded the LoRa packet forwarder code to run on the gateway to forward the packets to LoRa gateway bridge....But we dono how to run the packet forwarder code on the gateway to forward the packets.... to our gateway bridge????
Is it k to run the semtech packet forwarder on any gateway or there is some other way
Can you please enlight us in this so that we would be able to see an end to end private solution....

(Remko) #101

@brocaar I have tried to set up loraserver but I keep running in to this error.

Oct 02 13:53:56 shuttle-server loraserver[6307]: time=“2017-10-02T13:53:56+02:00” level=error msg=“ping database error, will retry in 2s: pq: password authentication failed for user “loraserver””

Loraserver is looking for a database called loraserver" that I have not configured nor created. also it wants to login as loraserver which should me loraserver_ns.

Is there any reason why this happens?
How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance
Cu, Remko

(Leon) #102


Hi There,

I’m experiencing the same issue?? did you manage to fix it?

If so how please? I have done virtually everything and feel totally defeated.

" Oct 20 21:36:46 loraserver loraserver[1801]: time=“2017-10-20T21:36:46Z” level=error msg=“ping database error, will retry in 2s: pq: password authentication failed for user “loraserver”” "

Many thanks in advance!!