Amsterdam - GPS Location Tracking, wearable, suggestions?

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:smile: That, or some clever triangulation


The easiest would be to get the SODAQ ONE.
It has all features of the Tatu, GPS and LoRa combined in a clever little board. It comes with a complete tracking application too (free and Open Source!).

The duty cycle limits if LoRa and The Things Network allow you to send data for ~30 seconds per day. If you would be using SF7 it would allow you to send around 600 location updates per day.

Since the SODAQ ONE has a built in accelerometer you could use it to only send messages when the person has really moved. You could for instance configure the device to send an update every minute when moving and every hour when not moving. This way you can probably be within the duty cycle limits and still have frequnet enough updates to give a 'real time' experience.

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Dear alviso, congrtulations.
Are you using Google Geolocation API with wifi access point mac addresses?

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what software do you do


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