Antenna Dbi gain simulation

I want to simulate the coverage of a lorawan network, I imagine that to see the coverage of the uplink messages I would have to add the antenna gain of the node. The devices I plan to use are from the Decentlab brand (all with the same transmission and reception characteristics) and the Lorawan AU module from Libelium, but anyone of these brands specifies what is the antenna gain .Any ideas

Why would the ‘antenna gain’ of the gateway be in itself signifcant ?

If the gateway is already transmitting on the dBm ERP limit, and most do, then additional antenna gain is not permited.

So for simulation purposes, just assume the Gateways are transmitting on the legal dBm ERP limit and you can stop worrying about ‘antenna gain’

You may want to look in to this workshop paper for the workshop I did at 2019 and 2020 TTN Conference.