Any advice on distance...? gateway and endnode device only cover 250M!

(Pedrojung) #1

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m using gateway from multi tech conduit…(it cost more than 400$…huge…!!!)

and my end node device is from development board from ST. B-L072Z-LRWAN1 (

the problem is that it only cover around 250m…which I thought at least 1km is covered on city.
is it normal? I don’t think so,
should I do some code work to have better range?

If you have any advice on distance coverage, it would be appreciated.
Thank you

(Adamhunter) #2

Hi pedrojung,

There could be several factors causing issues with the distances covered.

Can you give a bit more info on how your gateway is installed? Location (indoor/outdoor), height, is it located somwhere where it will be obstructed, what type of antenna are you using?


(Pedrojung) #3

gateway installed in my house it’s indoor.
there are many obstacle, between 250m there are several building, but including that factor, I thought 250M is nonsense thinking that lora says 1~10KM . I’ve never seen distance below 1km in any situation on internet.

I’m using basic antenna that manufacturer include on their product.

(Adamhunter) #4

Do you know the antenna type and gain etc?

Depending on the gateway location and the attenuators between the gateway and the end device your results could be accurate.

TTN provide a good video on YouTube that covers a lot (including the radio theory and what to expect from the technology)

Have a look from around 17:30 in to the video which shows how obstructions can affect the signal.

(LoRaTracker) #5

Unfortunatly there is no such thing as a minimum distance achievable.

The distance you get is significantly impacted by the terrain, the number of buildings and obstructions and the type and height of the transmitter and receiver antennas.

250M might be about right for your setup, the same equipment in other setups or locations could get 10km or more.

Perhaps describe your setup in a bit of detail and forum members may be able to relate it to what distances they get with their setups.