Arduino + RN2903

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Hello, I would like to know if I can use the RX and TX (D0 and D1) of arduino uno, to communicate with RN2903.
I saw some examples but they were using RX and TX as ports D10 and D11.

When I get the module before using with arduino, do I need to write the bootloader in RN? or apneas communicate with the arduino?


The RN2903 comes with buildin firmware and an uart port.
So theoretically you can connect it with 4 wires, + - Rx Tx , but be carefull, the voltage level of the signals is 3V.

The arduino uno has only one hardware uart on D0/D1 and this uart is connected onboard to the USB connector, so you need a library named software serial, that can create a virtual uart port on other free ports, which ports you write in your arduino sketch.

again, this will be a 5v virtual uart and must be connected through a levelshifter with the RN2903.

this is a dual levelshifter as example, you can buy levelshifterboards everywhere

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or need to put the levelshitffter, and still from what I understood the image, the arduino’s TX connector on the RX2903’s RX?


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Thanks BoRRoZ

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Do I need to limit the RX and TX voltage as well? 3V?
The link you sent is not limited.


you should use a levelshifter on the 3v rn2483 when connected to a 5v device.

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For initial communication tests I will use the Dragino LG01-P single channel gateway. The gateway is now online and can be viewed on my profile.

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I’ve found the Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V, 8MHz works well. Directly connected software serial and can power the RN2903 from the onboard regulator. Using 3.7V LiPo as raw voltage into Pro Mini.

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Hello. Would you like to know if there is a possibility for me to send the reading card inside the transmitter, be it an RN2903 or an RFW? By the datasheet of RN it seems that it has a built-in uC, but found nothing about it, even in the datasheet


btw what is a ’ reading card ?

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it would be the read code of the node, connecting in the GPIO of the transmitter itself, instead of using an external microcontroller for that code, write directly to the memory of the RN. I expressed myself in a wrong way.


basically inside the module is a SX1276 and a PIC18LF46K22.
a while ago Microchip released the LoRaWAN library but I haven’t seen projects here or on the net.

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Wow, nice to know. We are thinking of using the internal pic and doing some testing.
Thank you!!!

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is there any way I can decrypt the message on the gateway to make communication offline?