Arduino Uno + Dragino Shield v1.3 + Code?

(D3im0s) #21

I also cant seem to compile/upload to the Arduino with the Shield attached.

(Brady Aiello) #22

I have the same problem. I have heard that the loader and the Dragino shield share a pin.

(Berryryan007) #23

if the shield covers up the Rx/Tx pins, it will not upload the sketch, and it gives an avrdude error. You have to take off the shield when you try to upload it.

(Lucas Restivo) #24

I was able to solve the transmission problem for SF12 at 915 MHz (RPi 3 + Dragino v1.4 — Uno + Dragino v1.4).

Using 915 MHz, it was able to transmit and view information from an LM35 sensor on the TTN Applications and Gateway traffic monitor, but only for SF between 7 and 10. Establishing SF 11 and 12, showed the error 'DR_SF12’ was not declared in this scope.
So in the lorabase.h file I declared as “enum _dr_us915_t {DR_SF12 = 0 …” and did not give the error any more, but my gateway did not receive the transmission either.
In lmic.c, there were no variables for BW = 125 kHz in CONST_TABLE for #define dr2hsym (dr), so I created for SF = 11 and SF = 12.

40 cm distance between the transmitter and receiver, SF = 12, BW = 125 kHz, CR 4/5, the air time of the 18-byte packet of the temperature sensor is 1318.9 ms.

I think that’s it.

(Jac Kersing) #25

Did you check SF12 is valid for your frequency plan? For the US915 plan only SF7 to SF10 are valid for 125kHz according to the LoRaWAN regional parameters. SF11 and SF12 exceed the maximum legal dwell time of 400ms.