Are there NOC or other problems today (Sunday 16.07.2017)

(Pat Molloy) #1

Gateway showing as not connected, and gateway->traffic showing nothing. But apps still seem to be getting data.

ttnctl gateways info eui-xxx seems to show gateway is alive.

Are there some other issues somewhere ?



(Rakshaprabhu) #3

My gateway status says not connected from yesterday. When I last checked NOC status, it was updated yesterday and it was working fine, but gateway status still says not connected. There is one more way to check you gateway status

(Pat Molloy) #4

Thanks, Suggests everything is working -- am pretty sure that's not correct :frowning:

(Pat Molloy) #5

Thanks, this http://noc ... method shows my gateway as alive!

(Rakshaprabhu) #6

That means its connected, but its just not reflecting on the console due to this NOC issues.

(Stefanth) #7

hi, have the same problem. console shows "not connected", says connected

no data is coming to my application...