Asking for help (TTGO Lora32/LoRa32u4II/LSN50/Dragino LG02)

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I am wading in mud and feel like I am sucked into the swamp every step I take.

I want to do a project in Africa (Kenya) where I want to collect data like soil humidity, temperature and air humidity. LoRa seems the solution since I do not have electricity where I need to measure and the distances can be large. Price is obviously an issue.

I am used to work with Arduino’s and ESP32 boards and use them in my house projects and on my farm for all sort of things. I am not a trained programmer but can do enough to work my way through sample sketches and adapt them for my specific purposes.

I use the Arduino IDE but have also installed PlatformIO / Atom since this appearently is a better environment, I am learning how to use it. This runs on my Ubuntu workstation.

I bought a Dragino LG02 gateway and a couple of LoRA32U4II boards as well as two TTGO Lora32 boards with Oled screen. I also bought a LSN50 node since it looked sturdy and I wanted to try an out of the box solution.

So far I achieved the following:

The gateway is up and running and when I power up the LSN50 node I see connections coming in on the LG02 but no sensor data (I hooked up a temp/humidity sensor as per the documentation) When I connect the node to my PC with my UART to TTL adapter and can see that the node is cycling through a number of frequencies but can not issue AT commands as per the manual; my Dutch supplier sent me straight to the factory helpdesk, but they are not helping.

I have the TTGO Lora32 talking to each other (one sender, one receiver) with a DHT22 sensor but can not get a sketch running on them to link them to TTN. I have tried numerous sketches found on the Interwebs…

I can not get the LoRa32u4II boards to work; have soldered on the wire to pin 6 etc. I have succesfully fried one by reversing VCC/GND. This was a lesson to stop trying after a certain amount of hours.

As you may understand I am getting pretty frustrated and hope that someone can point me in the right direction.

thanks for reading,



you ask many things , did you maybe search this forum, there are many specialised topics.

and we don’t support lora/lora communication, questions must be related to the thing network.
what are your questions, I don’t see code, links, console screenshots… nothing.

and you’ve asked this before

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Dear BoRRoZ,

What I want is to set up a large number of nodes measuring at regular intervals and send them via the gateway to .e.g. TTN where I can transfer them through MQTT, HTTP of SQL to my computer to analyse them. That however is beyond the scope of this forum I think.

First I need to get a number of nodes working and test them in the field.

Of course I have been looking for answers here and other fora, but for the first time since I am tinkering with dev boards nothing seems to work properly, hence the frustration.


that’s not the problem, what is is that we don’t understand all your questions.
find a solution, one by one.

  • you have a LG02 dragino ‘gateway’ working on TTN

you realise that its not the best start for a lorawan IOT project because its not a ‘real’ gateway.
first advise is… buy / build a 8 channel gateway, saves you many many hours in the end.
there is a lot of code to be found for your TTGO’s (normal lorawan communication) and that works with TTN.

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Okay, so the LG02 is worthless? I did not realise this. It was sold to me as LoRa gateway…


I didn’t say that, but it’s a 2 channel gateway ‘bridge’ and for a starter difficult to use.
Just look around for a 8 channel gateway would be my advise. (from U$70)

then you can find sketches for your TTGO and find a lot of support here to transmit temps, store data ect.

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Frustrating. I will look around, but can not see where the difficulty in the LG02 is except for its limitations on channels.