Attempting to move RAK7244 gateway from v2 to v3


With little background knowledge, I am attempting to move a RAK7244 gateway from v2 to v3. I have read many of the tutorials and docs but can’t seem to get the gateway to connect. It shows “disconnected” on v3 and has never shown any activity. I know this has been discussed before but I am truly at a loss as to what I’m missing in the setup for v3.

I first installed the gateway on ttn v2 by following various instructions and getting help from the group. I also installed a Dragino LHT65 device on v2 and had it working and decoded correctly, showing up in the v2 device and gateway activity.

With help, I successfully moved the LHT65 device to v3, deleted it from v2, and it seems to be decoding correctly on v3 device activity. However, it seems to be going through the v2 registered gateway and not the v3 gateway. I have hesitated deleting the v2 gateway registration until I see that it’s working correctly on v3.

I’m not sure what data I need to post for help. This is from the overview:

rak7244107 ID eui-dca63xxxxx36b226
people1 Collaborator vpn_key1 API key
Created 60 days ago
General information
Gateway ID eui-dca63xxxxx36b226
Gateway EUI DCA63XXXXX36B226
Gateway description rak7244
Created at May 1, 2021 14:31:52
Last updated at Jun 30, 2021 10:46:52
Gateway Server address
LoRaWAN information Frequency plan US_902_928_FSB_2

Thanks in advance for any help.

Problem solved (I think) due to bad server address in global_conf.json. Gateway is now connected on v3.

My followup question is “should I now delete the same gateway which is still registered on v2”?
I have no more devices on v2 as they have been moved to v3.


NO, as nothing is pointing at v2 it’s a bit academic right up to the time you suddenly need it working on v2 to try something.