AWS IoT TTN Integration Tutorial "broken"?

Seems that the AWS IoT Integration Tutorial is broken. I’ve tried it with a brand new account (as suggested in Solved: AWS IoT Integration) and using one of the default provided regions in the example Quick Start. It fails with “No Solution Stack named ‘64bit Amazon Linux 2018.03 v2.11.1 running Go 1.12.4’ found” so I suspect the template needs updating ? Looking through AWS forums there are quite a few examples of the “Beanstalk Team” updating new platform versions.

I am getting the same errors, would be very grateful is someone can aid with this issue.


The TTN cloudformation template contains: SolutionStackName: “64bit Amazon Linux 2018.03 v2.10.0 running Go 1.11.5”

The current supported version is: 64bit Amazon Linux 2018.03 v2.11.3 running Go 1.12.6

Seems like the cloudformation template should be changed.

Hi, seems that AWS docs about EB must be updated, I found this config template “64bit Amazon Linux 2018.03 v2.11.4 running Go 1.12.6”.

And it worked for me guys.