Best Practice for using gateways in projects at an university

Every semester some students at our university get a LoraWan Gateway to work on projects with TTN and LoraWan. At the end of the semester I received the gateways back. At the moment I would like to add the gateways to TTN V3.

Unfortunately, this does not work: “A gateway is already registered …”

How can I add the two Laird Sentrius RG186, switched off at the moment to TTN V3?

And what is the best practice for me to save ownership of the gateways to the university and also let different students work on their projects with the gateways?

Any help would be appreciated - TTN and LoraWan is not my core business.

Register as new using a new gw ID (string of characters of your choosing and for your convenience…perhaps “Uni-name-gw#1/2”), use Gateway eui from the Laird in appropriate field on reg console page and you should be good to go if you follow your nose on the rest. Best way to share is register under a user name assigned to the uni…perhaps your own, then when giving the students access either add them as collaborator users (under their own account) or set up under an organisation vs normal collaborator…

Thank you for the advices. In future I will handle it like this.
Unfortunately, at the moment I cannot register the devices. Probably because I am not the owner.
I get an error message:

  "code": 6,
  "message": "error:pkg/identityserver:gateway_eui_taken (a gateway with EUI `XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX` is already registered as `again`)",

Could you give me a hint what to do now?

Ask them to delete their gateway entry on their console.

Then you will be able to setup with the EUI and your own ID scheme and set students up as collaborators with a lower level of control so they can’t change the core settings - which they should not need to at any point anyway. You could even use the Gateway Name field to put the students name in it to help track who has what.

One month later… First of all, thank you for the advice.
The students left the university and I can not ask them to delete the gateways. Is there another way to get the gateways back under my care? Physically the gateways (two) are here next to me on the desk.

Realistically I’d send them an email just in case they are still checking their university account - or if they have a private email listed, use that as well - even perhaps send them something in the post. Maybe hint at an invoice. :wink:

Otherwise, it’s down to whether you can change the EUI on the Laird (@Jeff-UK can advise) or asking very very nicely on the #support channel on Slack with the EUI’s you need deleting.

Have not had to attempt an EUI change on any of my Lairds so cant advise, sorry… what does manual say about this?