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Wireless Module Customization Value-Added Service


Wireless Communication simply say is the Transmitter Broadcast the electrical signals to space with a radio signal and the Receiver receives the radio signal from space and changes back into electrical signals. The circuit of the wireless communication is critical to some factors, like the power supply, impedance matching(related to the efficiency of Broadcast), the capacity of resisting disturbance, ext. That’s required the Wireless Communication circuit has an independent working environment.That’s why most of the wireless communication unit work as an independent module.That’s our chance.


RF Circuit Design requires experience and expensive test equipment, we have both resources and plus the Mature supply chain.most of the wireless module in the market focus on some brands, wireless module customization will bring the benefits of the brand image for our customers, we can name the module which is compatible with the company brand. We can rename the Core chipset which can keep the secret of the solution out of competitors.

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If anyone needs a low-cost one you can visit us:

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Arduino shield for the RN2483A LoRaWAN module.

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Arduino shield for the LoRa module RFM95W

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Arduino pro-mini board with the RN2483A built in. It also have a LiPo battery charger.

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The best Raspberry Pi hat for the LoRaWan Concentrator IC880A.


Hi @Nidaros

We sell a complete solution in our webshop:

And the free software can be found here:

Jan van Loenen



Some other commercial products, finished and ready to use:

(Don't get me wrong, I know these guys, but I am not their sales agent)

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You guys also can choice the original HopeRF kits here is the Link:

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