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thank you, but that is the 'normal' one, I want to discover the difference between the RFM95 and the 'expensive' one the RFM95TW offered here :wink:

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As far as I can see, Hoperf don't make a RFM95TW. They do a RFM95PW -

This RFM95TW might be a clone.

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I have these. They are TCXO version of the RFM95W. Hence more expensive. On a regular RFM95W, it works at best on the borderline at 125kHZ and SF=12. And not reliably at these settings especially when your data is slightly longer. These are made to order on MOQ. After testing them out, it then works reliably at BW=125kHz and SF=12. But although claimed to work down to 62.5kHz, it doesn't work for me. And one more drawback is the sleep current consumption as the TCXO circuitry doesn't have a shutdown implementation, so it consumes 600uA during sleep.

RFM95 vs RFM95W

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New Reduction Board for ISP (IMST+RPI). All "holes" for IMST and this board are exactly same size as plastic board from allubox (RF elements). So the new gateway takes about 1 hour to build (without drill).

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we supply some simple antanna you can visit us hope that may can help.


Lorawan GPS tracker working like a charm. 3G versions have Telit modems. Nice to get "off" SIM based networks and offer folks LoRa trackers.

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Hi @DarrenO , thx. IMST iC880A can run 915MHz and it is same size. So you need only setup channels for 915MHz and it will work. Mechanicly it is same. Not a big problem.

...The IBM LoRa™ MAC in (LMiC) C-library is a portable implementation of the LoRa™ MAC specification for the C programming language for iM880A. It supports both the EU-868 and the US-915 variants of the specification and it can handle class A and class B devices. It is provided as open source under the Eclipse Public License (EPL)._

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Hi I will add this item to our webshop ( - but is in czech only at the moment. Or if you interested I can do offer for you if you send me your credentials a number of pcs to vozak @ rvtech dot cz. But be aware pls, that price will be about 80-100E - so it is not cheap. Rgards. R


Hi Emma from FlyFun… welcome :sunglasses:

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Pycom is making an interesting new product announcement this Monday


I missed the far best new option of 4MB RAM (PSRAM?) until now. Just seen this Pycom Home Page, love this !!!

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we (n-fuse, a software and electronics company) are happy the announce here the first of our upcoming LoRaWAN products, a concentrator based on the SX1308 in miniPCIe form factor. This is the rudimentary website of the product:

We aim for GA in Q2 2018.

BG, Thomas


End-of-year sale: LoRa trashbin:

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Another Lora Module - IOT Tremoco.

The name is a tribute to a great appetizer here in Portugal (“lupine bean”). Its nice with :beer:.


The Ion now available.


  • GPIO: 3 x AI/DI/DO
  • GPS (optional)
  • On-board movement sensor.
  • Extreme battery life

Dimensions: 32 x 40 x 12



Thanks for pointing that out. Have changed it now.

What I was trying to convey is the operational time when the module is fully on and transmitting GPS coordinates every 15 to 30 seconds. When the GPS is not used so much it will last way longer, easily exceeding the 5 year mark depending on what application its used for.


Got 2 of this, took me 2 month between my order and receive, but did not tested them yet

I asked for a new quotation for other products last year but did not had any answer. If you want to test it, I’ve got 2 and be glad to test them. Just drop me a PM