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(Radek Vozák) #150

New LoRaWAN senzors for reading elektric meters (optical) with automatic tarif resolution (T1,T2)



do they work on the TTN network OTAA ? @brody

(Radek Vozák) #152

@BoRRoZ I have to try, but it suports OTAA. So I think it will be not problem. At the moment we are using ABP with specific prefix on our servers and work like a charm. I will try TTN with next device.

(Radek Vozák) #153

I did last month a very nice experiment with chicken door. Works pretty easy with IFTTT integrations (for TTN only callback and IFTT filter will be different) - so it is possible to recieve sms/email/fb mesegger allert if door are closed/open during the day.



maybe you can write a LAB story ?? here in this topic it could get lost

(Radek Vozák) #155

New MBUS node is working - specialy for Landys+Gyr heatmeters.
It also possible to use MODBUS RTU, S0 counter, Voltmetr and RHT.

Prepared for DIN mounting and powered from 3,6V battery, stepdown (5-100V) or solar power.

Mainboard based on KETCube I have mantioned 2 month ago.


(Vanthome) #157

Hello, I want to inform anyone that ordering for our concentrator card in 4 variants:

I also want to point out that we will soon offer the following accessories:

  • Antennas
  • Antenna Pigtail
  • USB to Mini PCIe adapter

(Grey) #158

Greetings, fellow Earthlings!

We are Grey Cat Collective and we squat on the outskirts of Shenzhen re-purposing e-waste.

For our latest project, we decided to tackle the LoRa topic. Here’s what we have put together:

LoRa Text Development Kit


Frustrated with monthly fees, and with a deep distrust of the telecom industry, we approached LoRa as an opportunity to build a community driven communications network, with the LoRa Text Development Kit being the end node for a user interface with most. But we came here to the TTN forum because ya’ll like to get into the details, and thought you might appreciate the device as a portable debug console for your LoRa project, or a remote control/monitor for the sensors you have around your home. We’re excited to share this with the community, and see what you can come up with!

We sell these devices on our website and on our Tindie store. The schematic and other documentation can be found on our docs page

Some quick hardware call outs include:

  • AtMega 2560 (Arduino/AVRDude compatible)
  • 1.8" TFT Full Color LCD
  • RFM95
  • MicroSD card slot
  • DS1308 RTC
  • Snap Dome Keypad
  • Trackpad
  • BQ24075 Power Management IC for seamless switching between LiPo battery and shore power!


If you are outside of the United States, contact us directly at and we can work out a deal for shipping fees.

Feel free to use the same email for any questions, concerns, or random outburst of creativity! All are welcome!


The LIBRARY basement part 6
  • is the complete working code open source… where is it ?
  • is it a mesh network… can you explain how it works ?

(Grey) #160


  • is the complete working code open source… where is it ?

A. We’ve only recently started working on software development. We’re currently a couple folks working on this in our spare time. So no, we don’t of a fully fleshed out OS. For this reason, we sell this as a dev kit on tindie rather than a finished consumer product. We are, however, a few days away from a bare bones messaging app that can run on the device. This software, and future software, will be open source under the Apache 2.0 license. We will post link to github repo when pushed.

  • is it a mesh network… can you explain how it works?

A.For us, yes. Our goal is that each device can contribute to the larger network. However, what you do with the LoRa Text Dev Kit is up to you. Upload whatever software you’d like to it, and it seems you can decide for yourself if and what networks you decide to contribute to. :wink:


ok clear … tnx

(Ryan Walmsley) #162


I’ve been busy working for Pi Supply, a UK Based Raspberry Pi retailer and we’re glad to announce the launch of our LoRa Gateway & Node Kits.


We’ve launched it over on kickstarter at

The gateway is based on the RAK833 and nodes on the RAK811 with the goal being that we provide high level guides on setting up and getting going with the devices.

  • Ryan

(Jose Marcelino) #163

New full LoRaWAN outdoor gateway with LTE options


CE certification will be done by end of month.


The WORKBENCH part 2
(Italque) #166

Hi Thomas, TTN Calabria & Cilento is honored to have nfuse as a partner. In the last days I managed to connect the 3 concentrators that you sent me, on different SBCs, including a pi zero W!
Waiting for future products, we wish you the best

(Jeff Uk) #167

@BoRRoZ FYI I paid quick visit to see Jose & management with the new GW @ Reece Innovations in Newcastle yesterday and have to say am impressed with 1st look.

IF they meet feature set & proposed price points with decent quality build (looking good so far!) then this GW is set to impress. Cant wait to receive 1st test units in coming weeks for eval once CE tests complete.

Bad news for TTN Forumites :scream: is that they aren’t looking to sell in small volumes to single users/tinkerers/hobbyists (as yet) so looks like pricing is based on some volume orders coming through due to potential issues with support burden (small tight dev team & logistics operation in UK & China).

I hope to explore options with them on how I can help them get to market and what can be done to open up access to selected market verticals & wider community in coming weeks and months… :wink:

Done well - to paraphrase MiB3 - “this could become my new favourite for selected LoRaWAN GW deployments” (esp outdoor vs re-purposing other systems in weather proof housings etc.)

(L.F) #168

Hi there , Maxiiot LoRaWAN Concentrator card GL5712 already passed FCC certification .

Samples available on our distrabutor’s website

More details , welcome to drop me a email .

(L.F) #169

Hi There , Maxiiot here .
For those who struggle with LoRa , Maxiiot have released a LoRa Evaluation kit ,enable you to add LoRa connectivity to any windows, Linux or IOS operating systems.
1.Support AT command development and SDK secondary development.
2.Support lorawan1.0.2, 1.0.3 or 1.1 protocol.
3.Support class A, B and C mode.
4.Support USB to Serial port, drive-free, support windows, Linux, IOS operating system.
Samples available on

(Jac Kersing) #170

Would be nice but for Netherlands there is no shipping method available…

EDIT: Appologies, shipping for the kit is available. I added the 868MHz outdoor antenna to my cart and that makes the issue occur.

(L.F) #172

Hi Kersing , Shipping to Netherlands is available , at present , LPWANLAB usually use DHL/FEDEX etc commercial express .

(Jac Kersing) #173

Thank you, I edited my original message, the 868MHz outdoor antenna seems to cause the problem.