Bit error rate on gateway

Hi all and happy new year,

Is it possible to get the Bit Error Rate (BER) from an incoming packet on the gateway. I think that if a packet fails the CRC check it is discarded and I cannot see the corrupted payload to obtain the BER. But I am not sure if my assumption is right, can anyone help me with this?


You can configure a packet forwarder not to drop packets with bad CRC though you probably shouldn’t forward them to TTN. But you could analyze them locally or send them somewhere else.

Thanks so I am not sure if it works since I have to produce corrupted payload to test it and I am not sure how yet. What I did is to go to json configuriation file to basic_pkt_fwd dir, and switch the flags to true on “forward_crc_error” and “forward_crc_disabled” in the global_conf.json

I let you know if my solution worked.

I think this can work. except that you have to know exactley what you send so you can evaluate each received bit. This requires that you will send with a “manipulated” node that does not change the frame counter as this will change the MIC that is part from your packet.