Building a Class C capable network (hardware)


Hello TTnetwork,

I am a student currently working on my Master Thesis about LoRa(WAN). For that purpose I need to build a LoRa
network with nodes and a gateway. In addition I also need Class C devices.
AFAIK the only Libs which support this mode are the Semtech (LoRa-Node)[0,1] and the LoPy[2] stuff.

My work consists on cross-layer optimizations and bw measurements, thus my idea of (intelligent) nodes
with RPi's and LoRaWAN (SX1276) modules.

Since a couple of weeks I am struggling to transmit any data over the air.
On my setup using Trellis-Logic Github Fork[3] I am unable to tx any data over the air. As dwalkes kindly updated today[4], the current code is not ready yet to make transmissions work.

Using the code from Pham[5] and pySX127x[6] I can verify that from the hardware and phy-layer side everything works. Cables are connected and it works. I am able to transmit and receive data. And my gqrx-SDR is able to pick up the transmissions (you cannot really see the data flying over the ether and LEDs do not tell much XD).

So my questions to the community:

  • Are there any other libs which support Class C and run on the RPi?
  • Do you have other ideas on how to improve my setup?
  • Are out there any hardware hackers willing to help me improve the LoRaMac-node[3] board support to get it running on the RPi?

Here are my current thoughts:

  • I could use the arduino-lmic fork and hack the Class B code to make it like Class C work. Then connect the arduino over UART/Serial to the RPi and manage my stuff. But this is a last resort.
  • I could use 3x iC880A-SPI – LoRaWAN Concentrator[7] boards as very expensive transceivers and hack the gateway code to create Class C nodes.
  • I could port the MBED code to run on ST32 Nucleo boards. But I am not really sure how well the Class C support ist.
  • Have anybody had experiences with the LoPy[2] boards and specially the Class C support?

Thank you in advance for your help and comments :slight_smile:



Any ideas?

(Litmax) #3

Any progress on this issue?
I have the same task - to implement class C node..

(Verkehrsrot) #4

You may look here:


Yes, indeed. I have 3 Class C motes and a GW running. Works as advertised.
Still working on the documentation, lets see when I will be able to publish it.

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2rei: What nodes do you use and what gateway and what app do you use? TTN?

(Suheib) #7

Hello there,
I am willing to implement Class C network ( RPi + 2 arduino nodes ). May I know how can I get started?
I already tested Class A LoRaWAN but my application requires 2 way communication.
( the links above are no longer available )

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