Can an LoRaWAN antenna can be use for LTE

Good evening

I have may be stupid question. I have some spare LoRaWAN antenna and I missed one to connect to my 4G modem. Can a LoRa antenna be used as a LTE antena?


That depends on the specifications of the antenna and the frequencies the LTE module uses.

The answer based on the information you provided (or the lack of information?): may be.

There really is no one ‘LoRaWAN antenna’ as the frequencies that LoRaWAN can be used at vary all over the World.

Generally speaking you can use nearly every conductive material as an antenna. The question is: is it resonant and how does it radiate the RF-power.
The first thing is rather easy to find out: Connect the antenna to a VNA (or antenna-analyser) and look how it behaves at the frequency of the LTE-network you want to use. In EU some LTE-frequencies and LoRaWAN-frequencies (867-869.6) MHz are not to far away from each other.
One thing that is not so easy to find out is the radiation pattern. If you use an antenna outside of the intended frequency range it can happend that you blow all your RF-power into the heaven and not to the LTE-station. Or the RF-power is not radiated but converted to heat.