Can I change RXTX/RF_MOD's setting

Hi, I have a big question in hardware design with SX1276 now. The datasheet show me that the RXTX/RF_MOD’s pin description is Rx/Tx switch control and high is Tx. Unfortunately, to get better RF performance, logic is contrary to the antenna switch’s datasheet, so when SX1276 is transmitting signal, Rx path is connect.
I try to use a triode to change the state of the switch, but it doesn’t work, so I have no idea to solve this problem.
Is there some solutions with software? Can I change RXTX/RF_MOD’s setting by change the code?
Thanks for your help. If you need more information about this problem, please contact me.

Best regards!

there is no software solution.
use another RF switch or use a NOT gate

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