Can I connect a Cisco 910 with LoRa to TTN?

(Edwin van Kessel) #1

Anyone tried to connect a CIsco 910 Router with LoRa card to the TTN?

Cisco IR910 LoRa Module

May I ask if you bought the LoRa card separately or if you purchased the whole box? (we haven't tried TTN, but we had IR 910 running on anther network)

(Edwin van Kessel) #3

Hi Vit,

The 910 comes with LoRa card. In fact, I have a 433Mhz card now and cannot replace it with a 868Mhz.
Seems that we need to by a complete 910 again, with 868Mhz card with it.
(although the packages comes seperately and one need to install the LoRa card themselves)


Yes, it comes with the card if you order it like that. If you happen to be an owner of the IR 910 without the card, you are in trouble (or as you say, if you need a different card, also trouble) ... It quickly gets expensive if you want to run on Cisco.

(Edwin van Kessel) #5

Hello Vit,

Did you connect the 910 to another network than Thingpark?


(Nestor Ayuso) #6

910 is supported by LORIOT

(Michael) #7

Hi Vit,

Did you ever get anywhere with this?

(Emmanuel) #8

IR910 works wonderfully with LORIOT and I'm sure Vit knows that too, but I guess the original question was about using an IR910 with LoRa on TTN. I'm also looking for this option as I have one lying around and TTN's own LoRa gateway is taking longer than anticipated.

The 910 runs a stripped down version of Linux so there is quite a significant amount of work to make it totally compatible with TTN. It has to be build outside the IR910, using the Semtech drivers as provided by Cisco, and the compiled package can be installed on the IR910.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to work on this but I'm happy to give access to an IR910 with LoRa card (868) to whoever is interested.

(Dhavalp) #9

I've got a cisci 910 with an external 868 Mhz lora card, would like to use it with semtech packet forwarder. Can someone help on how do I configure the same and proceed. Thanks

(Emmanuel) #10

Vague question @dhavalp ... if you want to use it with TTN then this is the whole point of the discussion therefore I'm not sure what you're expecting.

Unfortunately it is not just like "configuring the packet forwarder" as there needs to be some code running on the IR910 that is specific to the LoRa network server. We don't have that for IR910 and were looking for someone willing to do this provided we can give remote access to it.

(Prime Mover) #11


How do i order this gateway. If i want to configure it to Loriot then do I need to but it from them? Or can I purchase it from Cisco then use binaries by Loriot? Also does it ship 868 LoRa card or do I need to buy it separately? The way to get hold of a gateway seems quite confusing. Any help would be much appreciated.


IF you want to know how to connect to Loriot I suggest you ask them or their forum (if they have one). This is the TTN forum.

For the other questions I suggest you contact a Cisco reseller. They will be able to provide you with the answers.