Can I register a deleted gateway again?

I created a gateway (multitech [MTCAP-L4E1-868-041) in my TTN account but it did not connect for some reason. The message in the live data kept on saying ‘creating’ and nothing happened after 10 minutes so I decided to delete the gateway from my list of gateways and register it again with the same EUI. Now I get the message ‘Submit failed, Already exists’

What can I do to register my gateway again? Can somebody advise me…

the Gateway ID that should be purged is: eui-008000000002298a

Please do not cross post - it splits voluteers efforts and attention and fragments the threads… in the other thread you now have 2 people telling you what to do/try - note in the TTN Console

GW EUI - GW EUI on the device (often MAC derived) and immutable - unless a programmable platform

GW ID = User selected name - system may offer one based on EUI, but it is over writable with a name of your convenience, it can be/must be changed between registrations and cant be re-used!


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