Can someone point a newbie in the right direction please

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I am looking for some direction for a solution for my farming irrigation issue. I would like to be able to put approx. 5 sensors in the field and when the irrigation water trips a sensor I want it to send a signal (approx 3000’) to a Raspberry Pi. When at least 3 sensors have notified the Raspberry Pi that they have sensed water then the Raspberry Pi will activate a solenoid which will shut off the irrigation engine.

Based on my personal research I am thinking that I could accomplish this with the LoRa network. I am very open to suggestions. Arduino a possibility? Are their individuals that will design a system to suit my needs for a fee? Would it be a very difficult task for a newbie to educate himself and write the code to pull of a project like this? If anyone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated!
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I don’t see the connection with the things network here, also this is not an 'arduino forum nor a place where you can find hardware/system designers/personel.
If you’re not experienced in hardware and programming don’t go there, its more complicated then you might think, if its for your business, just buy a system, this will be more reliable (service) hence cheaper in the end.

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