Can we build a node ' repeater

(Pierrot10) #1

Good day,

In soem case my node can not commuicate with the gateway, but it’s a bit too far or a forest do the obstatcle.

Is there a way to build either a node or a relay-gateway to make sure a good communication for some isolate node?

The goal is to avoid building a new gateway, which need a battery, a large solar panel, but first all 3G router with a new SIM card

Does a node can act as a relay, or should we build a “relay-gateway”?


(Cslorabox) #2

There are some schemes for this but they are not without downsides and require software support which may not be present.

The term you want to research is “repeater”


(Luchosteam) #4

Hi, i’ve been developing a solution for this, it’s a laboratory experiment for now.

i’m using a gateway made with a raspberry pi 3 and a rak831 concentrator.

The idea is to use a gateway with no internet connection to repeat the messages received in a frequency pool.

I modify the packet forwarder program running in the raspberry. This program has five threads that work in five different tasks and use a loragw library to communicate with the concentrator. I leave only one thread: the one who that receives the lora packets and modify it to resend the packet in other frecuency pool, used by the gateways.

(Illperipherals) #5

I’ve been messing around with this of late. Might be worth looking into.

(Pierrot10) #6

Hello that very interresting.

Apparently Nicolas spoke a software which talk devise to devise and LoRaWanRelay is a devise who act like a repeater.

Do you know if the software solution is available? S OpenSource/Commercialized?
Is there a simplier How To to setup a LoRaWANRelay? (I pain to understand the above link)

What is really the difference between the two solutions? It look that both are introduce by Semtec