Cannot log in on TTN Open Source

INFO    Client error    {"duration": 0.0002, "error": "error:pkg/account:not_authenticated (not authenticated)", "error_cause": "error:pkg/account/session:auth_cookie (could not get auth cookie)", "http.method": "GET", "http.path": "/oauth/api/me", "http.status": 401, "namespace": "web", "peer.address": "", "peer.real_ip": "", "request_id": "01GX163DB3DJXMK3A6130SSNZR"}

I am trying to deploy TTN Open Source on my server, but cannot login due to not_authenticated error. Really need help on this, been taking this one for days.

If this is for the main admin account, I’d revisit the whole install - just delete the Docker container, adjust the YAML and try again, takes Ben about 1 minute, me about 3, so could be a quick win.

Otherwise someone will have to try the current build to check it which will take longer.

Try login using https://Local_IP rather than http://Local_IP.

Hi ,

I have followed github intructions(lorawan-stack/ at v3.26 · TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack · GitHub)
and successfully installed thingstack as localhost.
I am able to login to it in my computer with both localhost:1885 or static ip)
But when i try to access it with some other computer browser within same network.
i get

Client error {“duration”: 0.0002, “error”: “error:pkg/account:not_authenticated (not authenticated)”, “error_cause”: “error:pkg/account/session:auth_cookie (could not get auth cookie)”, “http.method”: “GET”, “http.path”: “/oauth/api/me”, “http.status”: 401, “namespace”: “web”, “peer.address”: “”, “request_id”: “01GZZNA07HW6G092HZRAYY34PX”}

i have disabled firewalls in both systems already.

can anyone help me on this.