Cannot register end device because 50 used but we have only 30 devices

Hello all,
I’ve an application with 30 devices registered, before we add and delete 20 devices.
I try to add a device but the manually Register end device say 50/50 used and I cannot get the DevEUI.
The actually registered devices on the app are 30.
Why when we delete some devices the used device don’t decrease?

You can use @descartes nice random generator

Because, whilst it is a small amount of money, every single EUI costs money, money paid for by TTI.

When v3 came out, this function wasn’t included, it was only be asking very very nicely that it was. From TTI’s perspective at the time, 50 per application was considered plenty for maker/community use and if you are a developer, using your own official EUI’s would be expected but then you should be looking to use a TTI instance anyway.

You could always start a new application …

Or look back at the EUI’s for the devices you deleted, going green and recycling is the new black after all, and if you don’t recycle, those EUI’s will be lost to the universe forever.

Or use the officially unofficial EUI generator linked above.

Many thanks,
the EUI generator work well.
In future we will recicle EUI of deleted devices.

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