Can't register a gateway

(Kiwiclan) #1


I've just setup a new gateway using the ttn-zh/ic880a-gateway link on the home page. It looks like it is working, it is listening on port 1700 udp. Appears to send and receive packets and shows up as:

B827EBFFFE1B3812 active active now

In the gateway status.

However... earlier my attempt to register a gateway didn't work so I deleted the entry. But now the registration process doesn't work. The register gateway button just blinks orange coloured but doesn't send anything to the network (Confirmed with firebug). What's going wrong?

BTW. Another thing that is unclear is the choice between selecting "gateway connector" or "packet forwarder". How do I know what I can use, the git location to get the software to build the raspberry pi doesn't say anything in any obvious location to answer the question. I'm assuming that it's gateway connector, however I have no clue. Also, I can't try both options to see what happens as the "Register gateway" button is not working anyhow.


(Kiwiclan) #2

Should the gateway id filled in in the register gateway page match (Aside from the casing) the value for gateway_id in /opt/ttn-gateway/bin/local_conf.json ? I would assume that it has to however the installation script sets it to the uppercase mac address of the pi and the noc page tends to show gateway id's looking similar except prefixed by eu*


(Kiwiclan) #3

My bad. I had become confused after earlier additions and thought the frequency plan was a non-relevant field (Actually, it was the map that was not compulsory to fill in) and I didn't select it. However, the submission page just blinks and doesn't point out the error. It's in there now.