Cellular Lorawan Gateways

Hello All,

Anyone have any recommendations for good cellular lorawan gateways that work with TTN ?

I am very happy with our two RAK WisGate Edge Pro 7289 with LTE. I bought them directly from RakWireless. For the latest one, I paid $370 on sale (regular $402) plus $65 shipping to US. The price includes the mounting hardware. Everything is of very high quality materials. For the first gateway, I ordered RAK’s cables and 8dbi antenna. They are also very high quality. Another good source of cables, connectors and antennas is www.data-alliance.net. I have built numerous DIY gateways in the past, and found this commercial grade gateway to be cheaper and vastly superior to anything I can do now.
The set-up is pretty well documented, but can be a bit confusing getting all the security tokens in the right places if you are doing it for the first time. I use OneNote to retain screenshots of all the configuration steps. It helps tremendously for debugging and maintenance.

We are using the Milesight UG67 and are very satisfied with it. Configuring it is easy due to a nice web based interface.