CES 2018 / Meetup

(Timothy Perfitt) #1

I didn’t see a CES 2018 thread, so I figured I’d start one. I am headed to CES 2018 to show off our new LoRaWAN Asset Detector (https://proxidyne.com/products/proxidyne-lorawan-asset-detector/) and talk with LoRaWAN network providers and SemTech. I am tweeting at https://twitter.com/tperfitt during the show and I’ll share any LoRaWAN info I discover.

Would love to find others who are at the show doing LoRaWAN, follow them on twitter, and perhaps meet up. Please respond to this thread if you are at CES 2018 and want to share.



quick question.

In fact you created a BT - LoRaWAN bridge

Isn’t it that all the bt data (iBeacons) received by that bridge, will be seen by the TTN network as one (the same) node.
So what happends if there is a lot of movement at a certain point… how do you ‘temper’ the transmissions of
that 'node ? or is the data first ‘collected’


No wonder you can afford to attend CES 2018 when you are marketing what is essentially a simple product (i.e. BLE + LoRaWAN, not even a GPS) for $300-$ 500!! If I do a calculation of the component costs as shown on the datasheet I am pretty sure that it can be produced in quantities for less than $ 50, including housing.
Obviously you need a “commercial margin” but you might be aware that there are already many equivalent (and better, IMHO) out there that are a lot cheaper. Are you selling gateways as well?

Apart still from the technical issue how to shoehorn BLE data streams into a bandwidth and duty-cycle limited LoRaWAN channel, as BoRRoZ rightfully asked.

Good luck there in Las Vegas!


(Jose Marcelino) #5

Pycom as large stand there: SANDS EXPO stand 41964

Lots of LoRa boards including the new LoPy4 and FiPy