Clear explanation to install the things network stack V3

Hi all, i am new to the things network, i am kinda interest with this LoRaWAN technology, after deep research, i found this things:, and i have question which is:

If I am install the stack in the gateway with device EUI get from when hard-coded the sensor, appkey (also pre-set to sensor), gatewayeui is define randomly by myself, is it will make gateway could get the sensor data? if not, how to make it work?

Thank you all

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If you are new to LoRaWAN, why you do no start from the beginning, that is, just use the public TTN to test your sensor etc? And then, when you gained knowledge, start your own private network :wink:

Hi all, thank you for the response, @UdLoRa recently i have been try the public TTN, now i doing setup the private network, following this guide:, setup finish but data from sensor not retrieved by the gateway, is there anyone know how to solve it?

I am really appreciate responses from all of you guys, Thank you all