Code for E22 LoRaWAN Node

Hi everyone,

I am trying to send data from E22 LoRaWAN Node to Rak7268 using ESP32 Arduino but my code did not working. Could you please send me a code, or github link to help to my project?


What is the exact part number, there are several different EBYTE E22 modules.

I have same issue,
My E22 part number is 900T22D

And from the page you posted the link to, which was for a 434Mhz module;

‘E22-400T22D is a wireless serial port module (UART) based on SEMTECH’s SX1268 RF chip’

That is a plain LoRa module for point to point applications and nothing to do with TTN\LoRaWAN, so off topic for discussion in here.

LoRa and LoRaWAN are different !

Maybe try the Arduino forums.