I’m working with Collaborators when setting up new devices, later I want to transfer this end device or leave with the final client. Now since I moved a device from V2 to V3 platform I can’t see anymore who is the owner of the device, not on my side and not at the client side, this looks exactly the samen.
I worried when i cut myself as collaborator that at the other side the device is removed too.
Since i don’t now where the end device is original registered.
What should i do? When i cut myself will be device than only visible with the client even when i’m the owner? (that’s okay, than i don’t need to transfer it) I tried to find information about this but couldn’t find it.

In V3 there is no concept of owner. The owner is just one of the collaborators.

Once you delete your access the device will still be visible to other collaborators. Make sure the last collaborator is not deleted (yes that is possible currently) as that results in an orphaned device.

Thank you for the quick answer, this makes everything very clear and easy to manage or to setup, but also thanks for the warning about the orphaned device, i suppose when a device is orphaned it can’t be retrieved right now?
Regards Maurice

Only TTI staff can recover such a device and that is not a service they offer except in very special cases.
For a node the easiest solution would be to flash new EUIs and key. For gateways you are stuck.

Okay clear enough, last question, i didn’t moved my gateway yet, is this also the case with them or are the threated differently?
Regards Maurice

Gateways in V3 are handled the same way. No owner, just collaborators.

The “trick” - not really a trick but until TTI add in some checks on authentication to stop people shooting themselves in the foot (currently they’ve added a warning and we are in discussions about how often that’s effective) is to …

Have the day to day logins setup as an add & edit only user for devices and edit only for gateways & applications. And have a master user to add applications & gateways who then adds the day to day logins as collaborators

If it all goes a bit wrong, there is always the master user to fall back on.

There are very very limited circumstances when anything really needs deleting on TTS, so having to occasionally login to do a tidy up isn’t a big deal.

Using the CLI to build an add gateway or add application script means that the day to day users can actually do this when they want without having to remember to do anything on the web console.

An alternative is to script an “add master user to every gateway & application” for each normal user login.

There are plenty of possibilities here for various schemes.

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